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Admission(Application,Registration,Study Schedule)


1. Application and Registration

Beijing Tech welcomes students from around the world? Anyone between the ages of 18 and 60 who is in good health may apply to to be admitted to study . Applicants are requested to send to Beijing Tech a completed ?

Application Form for International Students ? obtainable from to International Students?Office, International Exchanges, Beijing University of Technology (The form will soon also be available on the University? s website)

Applicants for study courses leading to degrees are requested to send certified copies of original school certificates and school records, HSK score, and recommendations from two of the applicant's teachers.

Students accepted for studies must apply to a Chinese Embassy for a Chinese entry visa and must register at the University at the time indicated in the Admission Notification of Beijing Tech and Form JW202.

2. Teaching Schedule

Degree candidates and major students: Each school year begins from September
Long-term Chinese Language Class (one semester above):

There are two semesters each year. The Autumn Semester is from September 1 to January 10. The spring semester is from February 25 to June 30. Each semester consists of 18-20 weeks, and the teaching hour is 20 hours per week.

Short- term Chinese Language Classes:

Short-term classes usually are held during the summer vacations, and include 2 week, 4 week, 6 week and 8 week programs. The courses begin each year on July 10 but flexible dates are available student groups.

The Contemporary Chinese Business and Culture Program (in English):

Two classes will be held each year, one beginning in mid-March and one beginning in mid- September. The period of each program is 14 weeks, and entails 16-18 teaching hours per week.


Chinese Language Teaching for Foreigners:

Beijing Tech has established scientific educating target and teaching plan in this field. The professional and experienced teaching staff takes full advantage of the language environments of both the University and of Beijing to effectively improve the listening, speaking, reading and writing ability of the students.

There are four levels of classes: beginner, junior, middle and o as senior levels. Admitted students will take a test on their Chinese language ability so as to enter appropriate class. Each class is limited to 10-15 students.

There are three components of the curriculum at each level: listening comprehension, oral Chinese and reading comprehension. Reading comprehension includes reading news & magazines and, at the middle and senior levels, audio-lingual classes. The University also provides calligraphy and taichi classes and HSK pre-test guidance.

Business and Culture Program:

The teaching language is English. The program curriculum includes: the Business Environment in China, Legal Dimensions of the Chinese Business World, Business Management in China, China's History, the Chinese Culture and Society, and Mandarin.

The curriculum offered degree students majoring in science, engineering, management and liberal arts (bachelor students and graduate, doctoral candidates) is the same for international and for Chinese students. However, culture and language, business and management, architectural engineering and science &engineering are particularly popular among international students.

4. Expenses


Long-term students:

US$3.5 per day/per person, double occupancy. The rooms are in student residences (dormitories) and are equipped with bedding, a table, book case, TV, air conditioning, Internet access and telephone. The cost for electricity except for indoor lighting is the studentsâ?™ own responsibility.

US$5.5per day/per person, two students share one room, with private bathroom. The conditions of the rooms are the same as above.

Short-term students:

US$6-7per day/per person(including electricity), double occupancy. The conditions of rooms are the same as above.

Welcome to study at Beijing University of Technology(北京工业大学)