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Foreign students wishing to study at Beijing Tech are required to hold X-visa on principle to enter China, but F-visa and L-visa are also allowed.

Students who enter Chinese territory with an X-visa must apply for residence permits to Beijing Exit-Entry Administration Division of Public Security Bureau within 30 days after entry with the same validity period as their study time limit in China (If the study time limit specified on the official letter of the studying academies is not the same as that specified on the Admission Notice, we may take the final reply from the academy as the criterion).

Foreigners applying for residence permits are obligated to answer related questions and present the following documents:

1. Your own valid ordinary passport and visa. Students without ordinary passports who are applying for residence permits for studying in China are required to apply for residence permits after changing to ordinary passports.

2. Fill in the Foreign Visa and Residence Permit Application Form, affix the official seal of Beijing Tech, and put a 2-inch recently taken, half-length, bareheaded, full-faced photo on the form.
3. Present the official letters specified with study time limit at Beijing Tech and the Admission Notices.
4. Present the original health certificates issued by Beijing Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine (for those over the age of 18 and first time applying for the residence permits).
5.Students holding L- and F-visas to China applying for residence permits for study are obligated to present the Admission Notice from Beijing Tech, JW202 forms, and official letters with specified study time limit.

Like all countries, China has laws and regulations governing internationals who are temporarily within its boundaries. The following is a summary of the essential things you, as a student, are responsible for to maintain your status.
1. To change the item contents of residence permits, holders must go to Beijing Exit-and-Entry Administration Division of Public Security Bureau within 10 days to go through change formalities.
2. Holders of foreigners' residence permits moving out must go through residence-changing formalities with the departments in charge of administration of entry and exit under the public security bureau located in places where they domicile before move-out and places where they move in within 10 days after arrival.
3. Holders of foreigners' residence permits can reside in China within the validity period of residence permits or make their entry and exit.
4. Foreigners applying for residence permits must pay fees in accordance with the relevant regulations of appropriate agencies of Chinese government.
5. When your stay expires, you must request an extension of your permission to remain in China. Otherwise, the police will punish you according to the law.
6. Any change or damage of visa, ID cards, or certificates is not permitted and will be punished according to the law.
7. At present, work off campus is not permitted with the student's status.

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