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Founded in 1953, Beijing Institute of Education (BIE) is a major institution of higher learning for professional development of teachers and educational administrators under Beijing Education Commission. Comprising 7 faculties:Faculty of Teacher Education and Humanities , Faculty of Teacher Education and Mathematics, Faculty of Principal Advanced Study and Training, Faculty of Vocational Education, Faculty of Information and Distance Education, Faculty of Art and Physical Education and Faculty of International Language and Culture, BIE offers high quality programs for in-service teachers and administrators in basic education, adult education and vocational education, as well as programs for training vocational and technical personnel for society.

Having the qualification of offering Chinese learning programs for international students, BIE enrolls more than 700 international students each year. Currently BIE has a total of 556 staff members, and among the 246 teaching staff, there are 110 professors or associate professors, and 120 lecturers. Apart from the regular staff members, BIE also has more than 100 guest professors from China Academy of Sciences and other prestigious universities. Now BIE has more than 10,000 students receiving junior college and undergraduate education, and more than 13,000 teachers and administrators undertaking in-service training here. Meanwhile, over 600 international students study in BIE for Chinese language every year . In 2008, the high school affiliated to BIE was founded in Xicheng District.

Welcome to study at Beijing Institute of Education(北京教育学院)