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Accommodation & Transportation
Programs for International Students and Tuition
Study Period
Bachelor degreee
Clinical Medicine, Anesthesiology, Medical Imaging, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integration of Traditional and Western Clinical Medicine, Acupuncture Moxibustion and Massage, Nursing, Chinese Materia Medica, Applied Psychology
Five Years
20,000 yuan rmb per year
Chinese Language
Chinese Language, Chinese Culture
Long term
11,000 yuan rmb per year
Note: International Students who apply for bachelor degree program must pass the Chinese language exam HSK 3. Those who apply for master degree or apply for bachelor degree of TCM, Chinese Materia Medica must pass HSK 6. International students whose Chinese language is not qualified will have to learn Chinese language for at least one year before the medicine study.
Other Expenses
1. Accommodation: RMB 3,500 Yuan per year (two share one room, public bathroom, public kitchen)
2.  Physical Examination: RMB 400 Yuan (only the first year)
3. Food Expense: There is Muslim dinning hall on the campus, Students can eat on campus in the student dining halls, and daily expenses are approximate RMB 10-20 per person on average themselves.
4. Text book fee: students should pay according to the books’ price
5. Insurance: According to the regulations of the State Ministry of Education, applicants need accident and injury insurance and hospitalization insurance in China. CDMU will purchase the insurance for the students who will study at CDMU for more than one year.
Living on Campus:
Living facilities: two share one room, telephone, TV, center heater
              Public bathroom, public kitchen
Dinning Hall on the campus, there is Muslim dinning hall

Welcome to study at Chengde Medical University(承德医学院)