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Chengde Medical University was founded in 1945.The University is located in Chengde city, which is an internationally famous tourist city. In Chengde there is the largest imperial garden in China -- the Summer Palace Resort, which was built during the Qing Dynasty. The university covers 1045,400 m², and its total building area is about 215,000 m².
There are more than 10000 students in Chengde Medical Univeristy. There are ten bachelor degree programs, seven diploma programs for three years student. There are also Master degree programs. There are 64 teaching and research sections, 14 lab centers, 18 affiliated hospital(including non-directly under hospitals), and 55 teaching hospitals. There are also 7 scientific research institutions in the university. Among them, the Institute of Chinese Materia Medica has the only key lab to promote and expand the study and research of Chinese Materia Medica sanctioned by Hebei Province.
The university owns advanced teaching and research facilities and has a good academic environment. There is a staff of more than 1,900 at Chengde Medical University, over 1000 of them are academic faculty members and 400 of them are professors or associate professors. The university also invited more than 30 well-known professors from other countries to be named professors.
The total building area of the university library is 18,473 m². The library holds 560,100 print books, 157,700 electronic books, 826 kinds of journals, 1,500 kinds of overdue periodicals, and 56 kinds of newspapers. The library also provides various kinds of Medical databases.
The university attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation. Up to now, friendly cooperation has been established with universities from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Russia and Canada.
Chengde Medical University welcome youth from all over the world to study at CDMU.

Welcome to study at Chengde Medical University(承德医学院)