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Xiangya School of Medicine 湘雅医学院
List of Subjects
1 Clinical Medicine (Bachelor) Program: Clinical Medicine(Bachelor) ...  Apply
2 Preventive Medicine (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Anesthesiology (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Nursing (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Pharmacology (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Biology Science (Bachelor)   Apply
7 Medical Laboratory (Bachelor)   Apply
8 Psychiatry (Bachelor)   Apply
9 Stomatology (Bachelor)   Apply
10 Medical Informatics (Bachelor)   Apply
Central South University Xiangya School of Medicine, formerly specialized Xiangya Medical School, is with 90 years of history and fine traditions of the school medical colleges. In 1914 it came from Hunan Institute of infertility group and the Yale-China Association of America co-founder, which was a founder of the older Western universities. For 90 years, it has changed its name to Xiangya Medical University, then Xiangya School of Medicine.
Xiangya School of Medicine adhere to the "stability of the scale, appropriate development, improve the quality and focus on efficiency," the guidelines established in order to graduate students, focusing on undergraduate education as a basic, post-graduate education and undergraduate education as equally important, positive development of adult education and continuing education model, forming a multi-level, multi-form, multi-specifications, multi-functional educational system. Seven-year clinical medicine (in this Augmentum Read-through) Teaching among the highest in 2004 to become the first batch). The school has six colleges, three affiliated hospitals, 110 University, 83 and 11 Research Institute.
What is more, there are genetics, pathology and pathophysiology, pharmacology, psychiatry and mental health science, neurology, thoracic cardiac surgery, endocrine and metabolic disease, otolaryngology 8 national key disciplines and surgery country focus; human anatomy and embryology, pathogen biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, with Science, pediatrics, clinical traditional Chinese and western medicine, otorhinolaryngology, surgery, science, medical imaging and nuclear medicine, physiology, ophthalmology, surgery 13 provincial key disciplines.
Xiangya School of Medicine keeps 1773 staff (excluding affiliated hospitals), of which 179 Professors, Associate Professors 387, academicians 3; major national scientific research project chief scientist of one person ; of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee five disciplines; country teaching teachers 3 person; state-level and ministerial-level experts who have made outstanding contributions 19; 167 doctoral tutors, enjoying government subsidies experts 242; 151 experts in international academic groups and the national Institute of representation.

Student Categories
Tuition Fee (Per year)
22000 (≈$3212)
1. RMB only
2. Additional 300-500RMB for textbooks.
Master's Candidate
25000 (≈$3650)
Doctoral Candidate
30000 (≈$4380)

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