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Cultural Summer Camp for Over 30 Teachers and Students from China, the United States, Korea and Taiwan


From August 13 to 24, over 30 teachers and students from the United States, Korea, and Taiwan participated a 12-day trip to CSU in order to experience campus life and learn Chinese culture, during which they did not only have a knowledge of the splendid and profound Chinese culture as well as our dynamic economic development, but also got a chance to embrace the local nature, to know about Central South University and to build up a good relation with students from CSU. 

This exchange trip includes various contents, such as learning of Chinese culture and business curriculum, visit to CSU’s main and new campuses and the Xiangya Hospital, visit to famous enterprises such as SANY and the high speed railway station, Hunan Geological Museum and Hunan Science and Technology Museum. Besides, they also paid a visit to the Pedestrian Street of Changsha City, the Taiping Street, the Wetland Park, the Orange Island, the Kaifu Temple and the Meixihu Development Zone which fully represented features of Hunan Province. They also visited Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Fenghuang Ancient Town in Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

This trip is conducive to exchange culture, to consolidate friendship and to enrich their camps life experience for both teachers and students; what’s more, it has laid a foundation for our further exchange and communications. 

Welcome to study at Central South University(中南大学)