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Intel-CSU Transparent Computing Joint Lab is Open


On the morning of 18th Oct. ntel-CSU Transparent Computing Joint Las was offcially  proclaimed to open, Zhang Raoxue, academician of Chinese Engineering Istitute and Doc. Michael Greene, general manager of Intel Software Department Platfrom Technology and Analysing Center unveiled the plaque for the Lab. Hunan communist party committee, vice governor of hunan province people's government ChenZhaoXiong, as well as Interl Co and ove 150 representatives of Chinese Universities, scientific research instituts and industrial circles taking part in “2012 year intel-CSU Transpoarent Computing and Platfrom Innovation Summit in Changsha witnessed the opening ceremony. Vice presient Zhou kechao hosted the ceremony.

To world largest semiconductor design and the manufacturer, Intel Co. sensertively graspe the deep impact that transparent computing technology has on future technology and social development. on the basic of the former cooperation, Intel Co. joined hands with CSU, founded joint trassparent computing lad. the plan that develop transparent computing into internet and son on burgeoning, and smart mobile terminal as representative of transparent computing based smart phone will be promoted and applied in to medical , transportation, engineering and all kindsof fileds related closely to national economy and the people's livelihood.


Have been founder of transparent comuting technology, Zhang Raoxue breifly introduced about the differences between cloud computing and transparent computer. He believed that transparent computing is superior to cloud computing in security, portability, and pen. the transparent computing technology’s coming and development provides people with more innovative chance, it is changing people’s computing and applying modes.with the help of broad band and internet these burgeoning technologies, transparent computing has showed increasingly strong vitality. Zhang Raoxue hope the experts that took part in the event enhance exchange and cooperation, jointly promote transparent computing technology’s technology innovation and popularization application. Vice governor Chen Zhaoxiong is also an expert in China informatic technology, he highly spoke of the significance of jonint Lab’s foundationg and summit. He said that transparent computing was the future development direction of information technology industry, it had great chance to become one the core technologies of China's electronic information industry independent innovation and industrial upgrading, and was helpful to speed up industrial structure adjustment and new new industrialization development. The cooperation between CSU and Intel Co. will be benificial to China’s information technology talent cultivation and transparent computing technology’s innovation and development.


The seminar held during the same period was one of transparent computering series. Since in 2010, Intel Co. respectively joined hands with Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University to held transparent computing summit. the summit held this time lasts 2 days, set up 2 keynote speech, 8 academic lecture, the experts, scholars and industral elits from Intel Co. CSU, Japan, Canada, HK and so on nations and areas had a deep communication and discussion about questions in transparent technology, industralization and industrial alliance etc. CSU Prof. Chen Jianer delivered a keynote speech Theorical Problems in Transparent Computing on the summit.


Transparent Computing was firstly found by academician  Zhang Raoxue, it is a kind of “Users Centred” Network calculation mode, it was highly paised once established, Intel C., China Mobile, Lenovol Group, Carnegie Mellon University, Tsinghua University and so on world top class corporations and univrsities had follow-up research. The LAN desktop terminal which was developed on the basic of transparent computing has obvious advantage in aspects of simpfying customers use, reducing the device cost and improving system security and so on, so far it has been successfully applied into education, military, agriculture and policitcal affairs and so on thes fileds

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