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CSU spent 100 millions building “Xiang-Ya Famous Doctors Project”, the first 30 doctors got millon yuan financing aid


On 4th, CSU held press conference, announced result the first” Xiang-Ya Famous Doctors” selection.Each of the 30 clnical doctors who honored “Xiang-Ya Famous Doctors” will get 100 million research fund beside the clinical resource facilities, scientific support equipments, team building and so on political support they have got.

Xiang-Ya is hotbed of China’s werstern medicine. During its hundred year’s development, through hard struggling of several generations and inheriting from generation to generation, People in Xiang-Ya spread all-round benefit to people with nobel medical ethics, save trapped and dangerous with experienced medical skills, created Chinese western medicine education system, moldeded well-known medical brand.


With the improvement of people’s living conditions and living qualities, Medical care and Health increasingly becomes focus and hospot of the society, theself development promotion, modern society promotion and demands of people becomes burden of Xiang-Ya people and Central South people. Secretary Gao Wenbin and president Zhang Raoxue have high consciousness and clear developmental thought on it. Feb, 2012, CSU held the third teache congress and workers congress for the second time, president Zhang Raoxue clearly put forward to carry out “Xiang-Ya project” in his working report : the University and hospitals increase capital support, concerntate on training a batch of high medical enthic, pforessional, influential in China even in world famous doctors and teachers, try to train clinical academician, move forward to enhance and promote Xiang-Yan brand” Later,the plan was adopted in the discussion of the 15th School Administrators. At the beginning fo July, CSU issued Central South University “Xiang-Ya Famous Doctors “ preject implementation measure(trial), Xiang-Ya famous doctors selection entered pratical stage

According to the seletion critiron, the participants shoud have chief physician, professor of clinical professional technical position, and was on the post before 1st Jan. 2012, sticked to clinical work.Besides the basic professional ethic medical ethics the selection has serious requirement in respects of doctors clinical abilities, academic influence and talents training, CSU required that the participants shoud complete the specific clinical medical care tasks, and have high level clinical medical skill and outstanding in solving tough case of illiness, their midical care level and achievement shoud be recognized by both exerts inside the university and domestic experts who are in the same filed, beisdes, there should be no medical case in which they should take the most responsible happens and no large social influence medical disputes since they are been appointed to be chief docter.

The selectioin started on July, through application, hostipal voting, experts outside university’s judging,experts inside and outside university’s on-site appraisal, publishing in campus and so on many steps, till this October, the school affair administrator decided the first “Xiang-Ya famous doctors” canditates through final assessment, the school affair administrator decided to spend 100 million in “Xiang-Ya famous doctor” project construction. To clinical doctors who honored “Xiang-Ya famous doctor” title, the university will subsidize 100 million to each of them. The fund maily usees for scientific research, talent training and team building and so on. In addition, provides them with support in clinical resourse, scientific research facilities, teambuilding, graduate students enrolling and so on respects.

Why did CSU spend so much capital in building “Xiang-Ya famous doctors” projects? President Zhao Raoxue said when accepting the journalists interview: Human is soul of Xiang Ya development. A hospital without famous doctors is the same as a university without famous teachers, it cannot be of powerful impact and cohesion. Howerver, so far there is aphenoenon that a few clinical doctors make sicentific research, basic research and clinical practice become disjointed. “ if a doctor dosen’t make research, never review case of illness and do follow-up research, he will get detailed and actual datas, and cannot improve himself as well; if basic research keeps away from clinic and cannot be applied in clinics, it is also useless.” We hope that through building Xiang-Ya famous doctors prject, first, to spread Xiang-Ya spirit, reainforce Xiang-Ya medical profession and improve Xiang-Ya medical brand.Second, Xiang-Ya famous doctors asthe guardian of clinics, they should face society, provide the mass with new service, a kind of top class service that combines with doctor’s compassion and excellent medical skills as a whole, and makes the mass benefit from it. Thrid, to be a group, Xiang-Ya famous doctor must gather their stength to enhance and promote Human province even the whole China’s medical care and health career’s development.

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