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No.4 International students apartment sublimition engineering successfully went through completion acceptance.


On t he morning of October. 31st, Chang Sha Quality Monitoring Station, CSU School of Exploration and Design, CSU relevant units, unit in charge of construction and staffs in international students apartment sublimiting project department had a completion acceptance on international students apartment sublimiting and undercroft.

The acceptance testing team members carefully examed the materials related to the engineering, had careful and overall checking on the engineering site. On acceptance meeting,unit in charge of construction, supervision unit, audit institutions and construction unit successively made quality evaluation report of completion acceptance, expert in geological exploration, designing, quality supervision, sercurity supervision explained the process, cost, quality in the process of constructing and safe and controlling conditions of safety civilization production, put forward specific requirement for some questions which needs improving. Through accetancing teams evaluation, it is belived that No.4 International students apartment sublimition engineering is safe in structure, satisfing in function, complete in materials, it met requirement for use and acctance request, and was passed the acceptance test.

Logistics group secretary of the party committee Cai Hengxue asked unit in charge of construction to solve the problem mentioned as soon as possible so as to creat satisfaction living environment for the international students. It was said that international students will move into the new apartment before the Christamas Day.

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