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China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) is one of the key national universities under the direct administration of the China’s Ministry of Education. It is also one of the universities which host a graduate school with the approval of the Ministry of Education, and one of that in the national “211 project”, a government program designed to support and improve top-level institutions of higher learning in China.


The university can be traced back to Jiaozuo School of Railroad and Mines, which was established in 1909 and was later expanded and renamed Jiaozuo Institute of Technology. In 1988, the institution was formally renamed the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT).


At present, on the main campus in Xuzhou, there are 19 schools with 60 undergraduate programs. The university offers 50 additional doctoral programs and 100 master’s programs. There are 8 key disciplines rated by the Chinese government as national priorities in education, and 13 recognized as key on the ministerial or provincial level. Schools hosting the 8 key disciplines are able to invite special professors both in China and from abroad to help with discipline development under the “Specially Engaged Professorship under the Yangtze River Scholar Award Project”. Post-doctoral research opportunities are also available in 11 fields. During the ninth “Five-year Plan” period in 1996-2000, the “211 Project” was implemented, and during that period, CUMT achieved remarkable success in 12 research projects highlighted by three theoretical and five technical achievements of international standing. The university continues to operate under the “211 Project” today.


Currently, the total student population on the main campus exceeds 40,000 people, of which over 25,000 are undergraduate students, 5,000 are candidates for master and doctoral degrees. There are also over 170 international students.


CUMT has been committed to quality scientific research, and has achieved abundant of high-level results, among which 31 have received three state-level awards and 431 have won provincial-level awards. The various indexes reflecting the overall academic level of CUMT are among the first rank in the entire country. Since the ninth “Five-Year Plan” period (1996-2000), CUMT has undertaken 7,115 research projects, of which 382 are national projects.


In recent years, CUMT has strengthened international exchanges and cooperation with partners throughout the world. Now it has established academic links with nearly 50 universities and research institutions, resulting in vigorous academic exchanges with the outside world.


CUMT features good facilities for teaching and research. The main library has holdings of over 1,950,000 volumes. The University has 2 national key laboratories, 1 national engineering research center, 1 state-level university science and technology park, 2 state-level and 9 ministerial-level key laboratories as well as 5 ministerial-level engineering research centers. In addition, it has a testing and analysis center, a rock mechanics and strata control center, a center for coal water mixture manufacturing and a long-wall coal caving center. Furthermore, CUMT has complete facilities for culture, sports and living.


For the new century, CUMT has set down an overall development strategy. In the next ten years, the university will give priority to science and engineering, while also endeavoring to ensure harmonious development with other disciplines such as liberal arts, management, law and economics. The university will also emphasize discipline development, student education, scientific research, and social service as well as school management. This will ensure that CUMT takes the lead in these aspects, so that the university will become a world leader in the field of mining engineering, with a clear advantage in and unique focus on energy sciences and technology. The university recognizes the need to make strides in a number of interdisciplinary areas as well. Therefore, the mission of the University is to develop into a high-level multidisciplinary institution of both national and international standing, with a strong commitment to research.


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