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College of Economics and Management 经济管理学院
List of Subjects
1 Marketing (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Business Administration (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Information Management and Information System (Bachelor) Program: Information Management and ...  Apply
4 E-Commerce (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Accounting (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Management Science and Engineering (Master) Master of Management Science and ...  Apply
The College of Economics and Management is the one of the oldest colleges in CQUPT. The College now has the office of party branch, the office of vice president, the office of college, the Department of Accounting and Financial Management, Department of Marketing, Department of Economics teaching, etc.
Currently, there are 86 faculty members, including 7 professors, 24 associate professors, 12 doctors, 8 doctoral students, with the proportion of Master's degree or above has reached 90%.
The College recruit full-time postgraduate of management science and engineering since 1998, it has developed more than 100 postgraduates. In recent years, the College has begun to train the postgraduate of logistics engineering and the engineering of Project Management.
The College recruits undergraduate students for studying business administration, information management and information system, e-commerce, accounting science, marketing, economics, and engineering management, and so on. The total number of students in the college reaches 1600.
The College attaches great importance to the practical capacity, many student have obtained outstanding results in a variety of competitions. Some students has got the grand prize in National College English Contest, and got second prize in National Mathematical Contest in Modeling, etc.
What’s more, the College has preliminary developed the distinguishing features in the area of communication management, information technology, e-commerce development.
Length of study
Bachelor’s program: 4 years
Master’s program: 2 or 3 years
Application time
Application is accepted at any time of the year in CQUPT. And the spring semester begins around the beginning of March, while the fall semester begins at the beginning of September.
Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s program: Be in good health condition; with senior high school diploma and HSK certificate of level 4 or above;
For Master’s program: Be in good health condition; with Bachelor degree and HSK certificate of level 6 or above;
Note: for preparatory students, they should be with senior high school diploma and without Chinese knowledge;
Tuition fees
Application fee
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree
Note: for foreign students who want to learn Wushu, the tuition fee is RMB 7,000 for one semester and 14000 for one year; For Chinese language learning, the tuition fee is RMB 600 for one week, RMB 6000 for one semester and RMB 12,000 for one year.

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