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College of Computer Science and Technology 计算机科学与技术学院
List of Subjects
1 Computer Science and Technology (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Geographic Information System (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Information and Computing Science (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Information Security (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Computer Applied Technology (Master)   Apply
7 Computer System Architecture (Master)   Apply
8 Computer Software and Theory (Master)   Apply
Adapting to the rapid development of computer technology and urgent needs for technical personnel from Information Industry, College of Computer Science and Technology in Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunications was founded in 1989.It has been honored with the memberships of Rough Set Theory and Soft Computation Society of Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, the Computer Society of Chongqing, and Vice Chairman of the Chongqing computer users’ committee.
The College is composed of five Departments: Department of the computer basics; Department of computer software; Department of Geographic Information Systems; Department of Information Security, and Department of Computer Network and System. Notably, it has seven high-rank institutes as well, namely Institute of Computer Science and Technology; Institute of Network and Information Security Research ;Institute of China and South Korea co-operation for Information Systems; Institute of Computer Network Engineering Research; Institute of Technology computer graphics images, Institute of Artificial Intelligence; Institute of network and communication software.
College of Computer Science and Technology is a flag for the university and enjoys rich teaching resource. At present, it covers over 90 staff, including 3 PhD supervisors, 12 professors, 25 associate professors, and 21 Doctors. Emphasizing teaching quality, it attaches great importance to research and teaching. It has introduced the national bilingual education model courses “Database Theory”, “Computer Network", "Database Principles", "VC + + and object-oriented technology" and the like. In recent years, a large amount of teachers has acclaimed provincial level awards. Likewise, a great number of students have won national or provincial awards such as the National second prize for “Challenge Cup".
Length of study
Bachelor’s program: 4 years
Master’s program: 2 or 3 years
Application time
Application is accepted at any time of the year in CQUPT. And the spring semester begins around the beginning of March, while the fall semester begins at the beginning of September.
Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s program: Be in good health condition; with senior high school diploma and HSK certificate of level 4 or above;
For Master’s program: Be in good health condition; with Bachelor degree and HSK certificate of level 6 or above;
Note: for preparatory students, they should be with senior high school diploma and without Chinese knowledge;
Tuition fees
Application fee
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree
Note: for foreign students who want to learn Wushu, the tuition fee is RMB 7,000 for one semester and 14000 for one year; For Chinese language learning, the tuition fee is RMB 600 for one week, RMB 6000 for one semester and RMB 12,000 for one year.

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