China Women Travel Service (CWTS) is an international travel agency set up by All-China Women's Federation in June, 1985. Since its founding, CWTS has offered services to large numbers of people who came to China to travel, to make business research, to participate in international conference, exchanges on women issues and culture, summer or winter camp, to adopt Chinese babies and so on. Since 1994 CWTS has been assessed by the State Tourism Administration as one of the top 100 travel agencies in China.

CWTS is also an agent for China hunt. Except for handling common tours for the travelers home and abroad, CWTS has hosted many international hunters from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Italy and etc. for different hunts and the rate of successful hunting is 100 per cent. CWTS has also helped several thousands of hunters from the United States and other countries to hunt in Mongolia via Beijing since 1986. All the tourists and hunters were deeply impressed by the reception style of CWTS characterized by warmth, thoughtfulness and carefulness.

CWTS will continue to meet the need of clients to the full extent with top quality service and special tour routes and to make new contribution in promoting mutual understanding and friendship and strengthening exchanges between the people of China and other countries and regions.

If you wish to come to China for tour or hunting, CWTS will arrange the best routes according to your requests and provide the best service for you to make your trip unforgettable memory in your life.
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