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Accommodation & Transportation
CDU offers rooms with all the necessary facilities for international students at moderate prices. There are single-bedded rooms and double-bedded rooms with toilets. Each room is equipped with an air-conditioner, telephone, TV-set, internet access and 24-hour hot water supply. Public kitchens with refrigerators, microwave ovens and washers are located on each floor that the rooms are located on.
The Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (OICE) is the resource and advising center for CDU international students. Services provided include visa counseling, class registration advice, cultural and academic orientation, assistance for opening a bank account, 24-hour emergency assistance, language partners, outside recreational activities, and continued counseling for personal and university procedural concerns.
Airport Pickup for New Students:
Estimated Cost of Study and Accomodation:
OICE will have its staff meet you at the airport if you provide us with the name of your airline and flight number. The information must be received by the office at least three working days prior to your arrival.
Scholarships are offered to outstanding international students.
Estimated Cost of Study and Accomodation:
Program/ Options/ Cost
Undergraduate Degree Program
Non-Degree Language Program (1-2 years)
Short-Term Language Training Program
RMB 14,000/Year
RMB 12,000/Year
RMB 1,200/Month
One-Person Room
RMB 30/Day/Person
Two-Person Room
RMB 15/Day/Person
Application & Admission
1.   International applicants can request for "Application Form for International Students Studying in Chengdu University (CDU)" from the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (OICE) by means of mail, telephone or E-mail.
2.   International applicants fill in the Application Form and send it back to the OICE.
3.   OICE will send the qualified applicants the "Visa Application for Study in China (JW202)" and CDU Admission Notice via regular mail.
4.   Students submit the "Visa Application for Study in China (JW202)" and Admission Notice to the Chinese Embassy in their own country to apply for a Student Visa.
1.   International students are not allowed to change their L Visa (Travel Visa) to X Visa (Student Visa) after they arrive in China.
2.   International students who study in Chengdu University for more than six months (including six months) are required to buy Chinese Insurance for International Students.
3.   All international students studying in CDU are required to live on-campus for their first year.

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