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Accommodation & Transportation
CLJ has four campuses now. It has all kinds of facilities, including library, gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis court and basketball field. The school provides special multi-function classroom building for the foreign students. The dormitory building has kitchen, laundry, public gyms, etc.
There are 2 choices for the foreign students. If they want to live in the campus, each room is 650-800RMB/month. In the room, there are telephone, TV set and other domestic appliance. Desk, shelf, private bathroom and the computer network interface are supplied too. They can also rent house outside the campus and the price is commonly 750-900RMB/month.
How to get to Chongqing University
From Airport to the University
The students have two options. The first choice is that taking a taxi from the Jiangbei Airport to the Area, where the CLJ is located. In the daytime, it usually takes 45 minutes.
From Chongqing Railway Station to the University
Students can take Bus 210 to Xiaolongkan, and then take Bus 220 to the University.

Welcome to study at Chongqing University(重庆大学)