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Dalian Medical University autumn smester foreign fresher registeration completed


10th to 12th, Oct. Dalian Medical University autumn smester fresher registeration completed. This year College of international education set up special registration office at apartment 19 put into use, recepted more than 170 students from 37 countries. Among the students enrolled this year, degree students made up 181, among which including 146 undergraduates,27 masteral students and 8 doctoral students, and 51 scholarship students, realized international students sustainable growth, added Tonga, Suriname, Senegal, Fiji, Jordan. 

College of International Education attaches great importance to every year’s internationl fresher reception work and made it reformed this year, Vice President Zhao Jie invested scene of fresher reception under the accompany of College of International Education president Han Jihong, greeted to the fresher and their parents

The scene of freshers reception this year differs from use to be, it highlights human nature characteristics and provides thoughtful one-stop service. On the campus, dormitory, teaching building are carefull elaborated welcome banners, bright red banners, red archs as to creat happy atmosphere. Display board of University and colleges introducation, international students recreational and sports activities, registration flow diagram were arranged for the fresher reception in advance so as to make new students have a intuitive and general idea of university and colleges information and life of studying abroad. To ensure freshers a smoothly and orderly registration, during the erolling, the staff made and posted registration flow diagram, admission notice, foreign studet handbook, and map, let students to learn registration process.

The registration scene carry on the conventional registration procedure, also provided them with reprography, photo takeing and so on these service, let students registration faster and more convenient. The college set up rest area for students and their parents and provide them with free drinking and cousulting service, reflected”Personel” service. Senior foreign students volunteer initiatively joined in the fresher reception team, accompanied and guidde to complete the registration, make the freshers and their parents deeply feel our university’s warm. University arrange bed for the students in advance, providing sudents with a comfortalbe living environment.

In order to make this students from all over the world adapt to the new learning and living environment as soon as possible, college of international education will organize fresher to look around the campus, visit library, learn study and living facilities after the registration, thus making student know living environment well in a shortest time.

In addition, college of international education make a specific plan of Chinese and foreign students exchange activities, foreign student extracurricular activities, traditional chinese culture experience activities and son on. Afrer registeration, 2012 foreign students will start rich and happly of studying abroad

Welcome to study at Dalian Medical University(大连医科大学)