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College of international education (International exchange and cooperation office) organizes working meeting


12th Oct. College of international education (International exchange and cooperation office) organizes working meeting for new stage in college’s conference room, aimed at further improving international education quality and international exchange and cooperation standard, and centring on making plan and arrangement for the next stage work. Vice president Zhao Jie, preisdent Han Jihong and vice president Hou Zhaoyuan of college of international education and all the college staffs attended the meeting.

On the meeting, president Zhao first summarized and reviewed our university’s past international exchange and cooperation and foreign students education. He affirmed all the international education work, expecially achievements made in foreign students education work. In the meanwhile he pointed out that work in college of international education will be “Thought, connotation, ideas, planning, innovation” He hoped us to keep the passion to go on striving to further promote education work

Later, president Zhao maily put forward ideas and requirement to foreign students in China and international exchange work. He pointed out that in the change of new international situation and in demand of developmental goal of university itself, the university greatly emphasised on education quality, we must sum up teaching experience, make new developmental plan, focus on teaching process and approach, improve quality of international medical students teaching in all-round way with international idea and international perspective. Large-scale students enrollment time had been the past, “Quality first” was the key for our university’s education and teaching, and key for international students education as well. So far, the nternational students education should predict and take action at once, predicted future trends, “Have a foothold in our University, and look around the whole word”, bring in global excellent education idea. 

In addition, President Zhao said that the college need to innovate students enrolling mode, improve way of working, further perfect international students daily service and administration mechanism, carefully learn interntional students service and administration ideas from universtiy in the world. Expecially he said that to value synergy and fusion in cross-cullture administration, respect culture distinguish, realize best cultural coexistence state of “letting a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend” in internationla education cross-culture administration; international exchange and cooperation office ought to improve international cooperative education and strive to establish international scientific research cooperation platform, strengthen students and teachers exchange, further improve university’s international influence.

This conference make staffs unify their idea for the future development, at the same time have a better understanding of future working arrangement.

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