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Dalian Medical University took a visit to international student’s clinical internship base


In order to strengthen Dalian Medical University international students’ clinical internship teaching management and improve clinical internship teaching quality, on the morning of 29th November, president Han Jihong of college of international education, deputy director Sun Guochao of department of teaching affairs, person in charge of college of international education teaching and students and so on other relevant person paid visit to Dalian University affiliated sun-yat-sun hospital, Dalian Medical University’s first and second affiliated hospitals three international students’ clinical internship bases.

In sun-yat-sun university, responsible person who takes in charge of clinical teaching talked international students good performance and made summing up about international students’ internship instructing work, president Han thanked for tough effort that sun-yat-sun hospital made in international students’ internship instructing work and said that the hospital’s “one on one” tutor system, elite education and so on charactersitical work had been a model in international students’ internship teaching. In the first affiliated hospital, minister Zhou Guangming of department of teaching affairs communicated and negotiated about master degree of international students’ clinical internship education with visitors. In the second affiliated hospital, president Zhao Zuowei and vice president Yin Jian who takes in charge of teaching held a talks with visitors, and had hot discussion about international students’ clinical teaching, global development of hospital and the education of excellent international talents of medicine

Person in relevant departments of Dalian Medical University visits to every international student’s clinical internship base and conducts research there every year, carefully learn students’ clinical internship conditions, and solve problems by summarizing experiences, and makes active and effective work to consistently improve quality of international students’ clinical internship education.

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