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College of International Education held Scholarship Awarding Ceremony & Culture Festival performance


College of International Education 2012 scholarship awarding ceremony & culture festival was held on 14th December at university students activity center. The cremony awarded 62 scholarship winners, 6 outstanding dorms, 16 excellent Chinese language students, and 2 advanced groups in sports. The college’s teachers and 500 international students attended the ceremony. At the end of the awarding ceremony, the teacher and students watched culture festival peformance together.

On the awarding ceremony, president of College of International Education awarded fisrt and second class scholarship winners, then took pictures with championship of college “Dalian Medical University Cup” football team.


The culture festival show brought something new, such as mask dance, shadow puppet, amazing rip&rap and fashion show. The festival performance made national culture sublimated and mingled in college of international education this big family.

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