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About Shanghai
: 3,355 sq uare miles

Population: over 12 million
Location: situated on the estuary of Yangtze River of China
Climate: Shanghai has a temperate and humid subtropical marine monsoon climate, with an annual average temperature being about 15℃. The city has four distinct seasons in a year. Winter and summer are long while spring and autumn are short. The average temperature in the hottest months of July and August is around 28℃ and that in the coldest month of January is about 3℃, making all four seasons are suitable for travel, with spring and autumn being the best.
Scenery Spots in Shanghai
Shanghai Wild Animal Zoo
Located in San Zao Town of Nan Hui District in Pudong New Area and about 22 miles from the center of Shanghai City, Shanghai Wild Animal Zoo is the first national grade wild animal zoo in China. Covering an area of 153 hectares, the zoo is the home of over 200 kinds of animals from all over the world including rare animals and animals under the state special protection. The zoo can be divided into a walking area where you travel on foot and a bus-riding area where you take a bus to enjoy close contact with the wild animals. There are five main sections: animal performing hall and areas for wild beasts, herbivores, penned animals and other animals.
Ke Zhi Yuan (Course Plant Garden)
Zhujiajiao boasts imposing gardens as well as ancient dwellings built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Among the ancient architecture, Ke Zhi Yuan is the largest manorial garden in the town. The garden is commonly named 'Ma Family Garden' after a former host named Ma Wenqin.Located in Xijin Street in the northern part of town, Ke Zhi Yuan features beautiful sightseeing and quiet and secluded surroundings. It consists mainly of three parts, including a hall area, an artificial hill area and a garden area. In the artificial hill area, there is magnificent symbolic architecture - a foursquare five-story building, on the top of which stands a diametric pavilion named 'Moon View Pavilion.' This building is considered the tallest architecture in the town.
Local Food
Ba Bao La Jiang
Ba Bao La Jiang is typical among the few spicy dishes in Shanghai Cuisine. It is a Benbang dish featuring great flavor and bright color. Bean sauce and chili sauce are blended and stir-fried with shelled shrimps, chicken, chicken stock, pork, pig offal, dried small shrimps, bamboo shoots and various kinds of seasoning. This dish with such a great number of ingredients gives us some idea of how delicate Shanghai cuisine can be. Shanghai Cuisine is not one of the Eight Major Cuisines of China but is a choice blend of the most appealing aspects of these other national styles of food. Also, Shanghai's chefs are always ready to adopt the best aspects of foreign cuisines and make them their own. Therefore, it may be safely said that you can enjoy all the best food from home and abroad for all budgets when in Shanghai.
Qing Chao Shan Hu
Qing Chao Shan Hu, also known as Xiang You Shan Hu, is an eel dish. Fresh eels are stir-fried with shredded bamboo shoots, yellow wine, soybean sauce, ginger, sugar and starch sauce. After being put on a plate, chopped shallot is sprinkled on the dish and hot oil is poured onto it. Consequently, Qing Chao Shan Hu crackles when it is served at the table.

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