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Our school of law, originated from the law department of social college in ECUST, is growing to be a comprehensive law school where focuses on arts education with science background. It features Energy law, Environmental law and Intellectual property law, meanwhile adhering to the coordinated development of researching and teaching, based on which emphasizes the research power of science.
At present, we have set up such institutions as law department, research centers of Resource, Energy and Environmental law, of Intellectual property and of Sociology of law. Now we are entitled to grant students with Bachelor degree in Jurisprudence and IP (Second Degree), Master Degree in Resource and Environment law, Economic law and International law. We have 35 faculties, 10 of which are entitled with professor and associate professor, 9 have doctorate and 6 have the experience of oversea study. Overall there are 15 professors teach home and abroad. The dean of our school of law is Professor Xiao Guoxing who is the leading expert of legislation in energy law and natural resource law.
The research center of Resource, Energy and Environmental law fully utilizes the advantaged background of resource, energy and environmental science. It is focusing on the system of resource, energy and environmental protection by the researching mode crossing arts and science.
The research center of Sociology of law, relied on master degree in jurisprudence and legal history, forms a research team to spread the disciplinary construction on the fields of legal culture, nomology (Philosophy of Law), constitution and administrative law on the basis of Legal Sociology foundation.
The research center of IP whose key direction is the industrial system of property rights, extensively invites the experts from home and abroad to integrate the sources in ECUST and actively provides legal service and training for industrialization of science and technology and commodification of R&D achievement.
Our school of Law advocates the interaction between R&D and teaching. In recent years, law school teachers who published lots of hi-quality academic papers on core journals of national-level and foreign expertise and the press of provincial-level have planned to publish a series of influential monographs and teaching materials with its own special characteristics, which were entitled with the fund of National Social Science, the planning projects of social science from educational ministry, the topics from Justice Ministry and provincial level such as Shanghai and from national legislation. “Energy law”, the planning teaching material written by Professor Xiao, is a monograph which is highly appraised by related ministries and academic fields home and abroad.
It is our tenet to learn extensively, basically, theoretically and competently, which requires us to improve the arrangement of courses and to optimize the knowledge structure of students so as to strengthen their comprehensive quality. We attach importance to the combination between textbooks and social practice. Besides the teaching assignment regulated by the administration, we hold several legal symposia and exchanges after class so that the students have plenty of chances to connect the theory to the practice. We especially take the connection between teaching and internationalization into accountant, so we invite famous scholarship all over the world to study jointly.
To encourage students to join in social practices, we have established close relation of cooperation in the fields of consultation, post-graduate training, project investigation, legal service training and social practice with concerned justice administrations, government and non-governmental sectors including the energy office of National Development and Reform Commission, Committee of Environmental and Resources Protection of National People's Congress, State environmental protection administration, IP study center of State Intellectual Property Right Office, Legislative institute of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, courts and procuratorates in Shanghai, Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration, Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Environmental Protection administration and Shanghai Energy Conservation Office.
We also emphasize on exploiting the exchange and cooperation overseas. Since 2005, Professor Steven, from the law department in University of California Berkeley, Director Hills, from the Institute of Criminology of the University of Cologne, Germany, Panel of WTO DSB, Professor Nohyoung Park, from College of Law, ?Korea University, South Korea, Hitae Suck, Dean of Law School of Kyonggi University and president of medical law society of South Korea, Cai Kuncai,? Chairman of the Association of Taiwan intellectual property and Professor of Taiwan Jiao Tong university, Professor Chen Yiming, the Special Assistant of Principal of Taiwan University have visited our law school and lectured us, during when we have build up relation of long-term cooperation with universities and institutes of several countries including United States, France, Germany, Japan, Britain, Canada, Australia and South Korea and have made various agreements on exchanging staff, taking courses, training postgraduates and developing scientific research with joint efforts.
To create “a top school of law in China with distinctive features” is the target of the overall faculties of our School of Law. Thus, we are quickening our pace of development with concerted efforts.

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