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Welcome to Gansu Agricultural University(甘肃农业大学)

Gansu Agricultural University (GAU) evolved from former National Veterinary College which was founded in October of 1946 in Lanzhou and was the only higher educational institution of veterinary at that time. In 1950, it was renamed Northwest Veterinary College and again in 1951 Northwest Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Medicine College. It merged with Gansu Agricultural College and received the name of Gansu Agricultural University in 1958. GAU has been becoming a multi-discipline university with agriculture advantage through generation’s endeavor.   Gansu Agricultural University (GAU) is situated on the picturesque Yellow River bank in Anning District of Lanzhou, covering a total area of 247.48 hectares, including 87.98 hectares of campus and 436,700m2 of floor space. There are 133 practical teaching bases on and off the campus. The library provides a collection of more than 3,188,400 volumes and an e-reading room with 180 computers. Many facilities and infrastructures are provided for physical education and quality development, such as a gymnasium, track and field course, football play..View more

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Welcome to study at Gansu Agricultural University(甘肃农业大学)