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Gansu Agricultural University (GAU) evolved from former National Veterinary College which was founded in October of 1946 in Lanzhou and was the only higher educational institution of veterinary at that time. In 1950, it was renamed Northwest Veterinary College and again in 1951 Northwest Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Medicine College. It merged with Gansu Agricultural College and received the name of Gansu Agricultural University in 1958. GAU has been becoming a multi-discipline university with agriculture advantage through generation’s endeavor.
Gansu Agricultural University (GAU) is situated on the picturesque Yellow River bank in Anning District of Lanzhou, covering a total area of 247.48 hectares, including 87.98 hectares of campus and 436,700m2 of floor space. There are 133 practical teaching bases on and off the campus. The library provides a collection of more than 3,188,400 volumes and an e-reading room with 180 computers. Many facilities and infrastructures are provided for physical education and quality development, such as a gymnasium, track and field course, football playground, tennis courts.
GAU consists of 15 colleges and 1 teaching department, which offer 46 undergraduate programs, 43 graduate master programs, 3 postdoctoral research stations, 3 first level discipline doctor degree authorized units and 4 first level discipline master degree authorized units, 19 doctoral programs, 1 key discipline ant national level, 1 key discipline at Ministry of Agriculture level, 12 key discipline at provincial level, etc.    
Today, GAU has a qualified faculty. The total faculty number is 1,234 and 778 are full time teachers, including 115 professors and equivalent, 223 associate professors and equivalent, 236 lecturers and equivalent. There are 1china academy of engineering member and degree committee evaluation member, 3 candidates for first and second level of “Hundreds, thousands and ten thousands talents Programs” ,1candidate for “Support Plans for excellent talent in new Century”. 1 Ministry of Agriculture wheat expert Group member, 1 was awarded honorary title of “Agriculture science and technology popularization pacer”, 1was awarded honorary title of “Gansu science and technology meritorious staff” and 4special engaged science and technology experts for Gansu in GAU faculty.
Since “the Tenth Five-Year Plan” (The plan here refers to the national development plan in a period of five years), 721 scientific research projects has been undertaken, among which 96 have been awarded prizes, including 26 patents. 124 monographs and 3,598 articles have been published, among which 157 articles were published on SCI and other international academic journals. At present, 292 scientific research programs with the funds of 150 million RMB have been carrying out, some of them funded by national programs such as “National Science & Technology Support Program”, “863 Program”, “973 Program”, “National Natural Sciences Fund” and “National Social Science Fund”. Achievements of great significance have been made in the fields of animal & plant breeding, the protection and utilization of germplasm of plant & animal, biotechnology, water-saving agriculture, agricultural product processing and developing , arid agriculture and ecological restoration, animal epidemic prevention and control, vaccine research and production, animal embryo engineering, equipped agriculture and significant economic issues in rural area. All these achievements have enabled GAU to lead in the fields of research with distinctive features and regional advantages. GAU has established research and innovation platforms supported by Gansu Key Lab of Crop Improvement & Germplasm Enhancement, the Gansu Engineering center of animal product, the Technology and Research Center of Gansu Province for Embryonic Engineering of Bovine and Sheep & Goat, and the Gansu Engineering Center for Pig Raising.
Great importance is attached to international academic exchange and cooperation. Currently, GAU has close academic cooperation with more than 20 overseas universities and institutions in U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, France, Japan etc. “Sino-US Center for Grassland and livestock sustainable development” has been established by cooperating with U.S.A and other countries. The implementation of International students Joint Education Programs, “Sino-American 1+2+1 Dual Degree Program” make GAU students to have access to international education resources and have chance to go abroad for further study.

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