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Guangxi University was established in October 1928. The university is situated in Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi. Located in charming subtropical scenery, the campus covers an area of 307 hectares with a building area of 1,202,600 square meters.


The university has a library collection of over2.52 million volumes, a store of equipment worth 292 million Yuan, 2 national key disciplines, 5 key disciplines of the 211 project, 2 key laboratories of the ministerial level, 2 key experimental centers of the provincial level, 16 provincial key disciplines, 1 demonstration base for teaching and research of modern agriculture technique, 1 national key laboratory base of ministerial and provincial level, 61 research institutes or centers and 67 university and college laboratories.


 Now it has 20 colleges and one department and a staff of 3,722, among which 1,824 are full-time teachers, 53 are supervisors of doctoral students, 261 are professors and 535 associate professors; 5 members from the university are honored as national experts of outstanding contribution, 1 is honored as outstanding technician of national level. More than 160 prominent scholars and scientists from home and abroad have been invited as honorary professors or visiting scholars.


Guangxi University offers70 undergraduate programs, 80 graduate programs and 6 doctoral programs. The present enrollment is 24,205 students, including 181 doctoral candidates, 4,145 master's degrees candidates, 19,879 undergraduates. In addition, there are 20,361 students for vocation training.


The university has exploited the advantage of its multi-disciplinarily and optimized its programs for a better quality of education. The well-equipped research institutes and a prestigious research staff do basic research as well as applied research. They have received grants for hundreds of national, ministerial or provincial projects.


It has corporations and academic exchanges with 100 universities or research institutes in 28 countries and regions. The long-term cooperation in research closely links it with many universities. So far the university has sent 380 teachers and researchers abroad for academic study and joint research projects or to work as visiting researchers. Over 400 international experts and scholars have taught, given lectures, or cooperated on research projects in the university. The university is one of the earliest 66 universities authorized to enroll overseas students. Since 1962, many international students from 40 countries in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia have perused their study in the university.


Welcome to study at Guangxi University(广西大学)