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Accommodation & Transportation
Tuition (per academic year)
﹡General Majors:
One subject study: US$1800/year
Wushu study: US$1800/year
Undergraduate student: US$2200/year
﹡Dancing, Modeling and Public Relation:US$2800/year
﹡Short-term study(above 3 months):
General majors: US$250/month for advanced study in groups Dancing, Modeling and Public Relations: US$300/month; the students study according to the teaching program of the university and have classes with Chinese Students.
Fees for residence
﹡Single room: US$5 per day plus utilities
﹡Double room: US$3 per day plus utilities
The school currently has one new dormitory building for foreign students to live in. In each room, there is a private bathroom, an air-conditioner, a desk and bedding. The school features canteens, stores and international telephone booths to cater to the study and living needs of every kind of student.
Student will meet expenses for their water, phone, electricity, gas, meals, medical treatment, teaching materials, scientific experiments, senior year teaching internship and travel. Living in China is generally very affordable. Terms of payment
On arrival, the student must pay US$50 for registration fee and an extra US$30 if reception at the airport is required, both in cash. The student may pay his tuition and room fees twice in a year after the first year, witch must be paid in full on registration. The tuition must be fully paid for one year if the student studies more than half a year and less than one year. Extra 5%payment is required for postponed payment. No tuition will be returned or remitted by the Institute on account of absence through illness or termination of studies during the whole or any part of any term. Room rent is paid on daily basis for those who discontinue their studies, transfer to another school during the term or are expelled from the university.

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