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Welcome to Huanggang Normal University(黄冈师范学院)

Huanggang Normal University (HNU) is situated in the historic and cultural ancient town Huangzhou, capital of Huanggang City, on the bank of the Yangtze River, east of Hubei province. The city with 7.3million population is proud of its profound cultural foundation and glorious revolutionary tradition and is abundant in giants from ancient times to the present, such as Bi Sheng the inventor of prototype printing, Li Shizhen the great pharmacist, Li Si Guang the great Geologist, General Lin Biao, Li Xiannian and Dong Biwu---2 ex-presidents of the state, to name just a few. The well-known “General’s county”, "Professor’s County”, "Newspaperman County” and “Doctor Street” make this area mysterious and glorious all over the country.   The university was founded in 1905, with more than 100 years history, now grown to be a multi-disciplined state-owned university, biggest and best in the area, with both teacher-training and general purpose programs, which gives priority to undergraduate education. It claims to have 83.5 hectors (1,500Mu) of land ..View more

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Welcome to study at Huanggang Normal University(黄冈师范学院)