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People’s Daily had special interview with chief international academic adviser Prof. Magnin


Through she in her sixty, Magnin felt unlimited energy, particularly that lots of ideas need to be carried out together with cooperation partners in China. “ I hope that more young and middle-aged French experts can be introduced to work in HIT while continue to do teaching and scientific research project, when I retired, our cooperation is still frondoso as Ivy league, growing well.” Magnin said affectionately. 


Female winner Magnin was especially caught everyone’s eyes among the 50 foreign experts who won the ‘Friendship award’ of Chinese government this year. She was a leader in the field of the international medical image. She contributed much to the new technology research such as the heart and cardiovascular imaging, three dimensional fault image reconstruction, nuclear magnetic resonance and radio frequency ultrasonic, virtual biology people and so on. She held the post of director in French national medical signal and image application technology research center, the Europe's largest medical image laboratory for yaers. Nowadays, she acts as the chief international academic adviser of Harbin University of Technology, overseas doctoral tutor, the professor of the ministry of education the Yangtze river scholar and so forth.


The fate between China and me maybe accord with that sentence ’ favorable climatic, geographical and human comditions’. Magnin said frankly. With an increasing number of Chinese students studying abroad taught by her, Magnin increasingly felt that China needs her scientific research findings and her academic concept could help Chinese medical image technology go onto the development of the fast lane. In 2004, professor Liu Wanyu, a China leave France postdoctoral, who was trained by Magnin, invited her sincerely, hoping she would join in the construction of biomedical image subject in Harbin University of technology.Biomedical image is a disciplinary subject, including the application of clinical medical, medical image, radiation signal and electronic information. At present, there are few universities setting up this subject, and the french research laboratory which Magnin worked for is the authority on this subject. Although multiple-job holding and heavy research work, Magnin racily replied to work in China and worked for 8years.


Magnin commutes between library in Lyon, France and HIT every year, giving lessons, doing experience, training, meeting……, though erery time the trip can be busy, she never says tired. “The scientific research capacity and demend of China are in strong growth momentum, research equipment is being improved, some mature research achievement can get well technical transformation. Througth cooperation, I also brought in western research idea and library mode, integrated the best resources to help the development China’s medical image take less curve road, so I thoutht everything worth my effort.” Today, with Mangin’s unrimitting efforts, HIT entered into world’s advanced ranks in the myocardial fibers imaging technology and medical image network platform technology. French National Academy of Sciences midical image and signal processing international lab was set up in HIT, in the meanwhile she also promoted the establishment of a human, materials and financial resources multi-institutions sharing open platform of human——“shared lab”


Magnin sincerely indicated that the achievement of science and technology cooperation bewteen China and France should owe to the success of China’s intelligence introuducing.” “China is in comprehensive rapid development period, it needs to enhance international acdademic research exchange. The attitute of learning and honest cooperation is good for China to realise sustainable development.” Magnin said, she took part in many countries’ cooperation project, only China from central to local governments at all levels gave foreign experts lots of care and support, thus making her moved and appriecated. “The ‘Friendship Award’ I got from China is the paramount honor, as well as result of our mutual beneficial cooperation.  


“Hanging over my neck the medal is very light, but it is quite heavy in my heart. As it bears the Chinese government’s highly affirmation and trust for my 8years working in China.” Isabella Magnin, a french expert, appeared very excited and proud when recalling the moment she won the ‘Friendship award’ of Chinese government. 

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