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Construction of HIT foreign degree students English teaching program system makes new progress.


“if the boss says to you ‘as fast as you can’, what will your do? How fast is OK? A day, a week, or a month? How do you think the ‘as fast as you can’ in this situation of China?” Prof Zhang Li asked the students with a smile in class.  

“I think it depends on how important it is, if it is an important thing, ‘as fast as you can’ means that complete it in a shorted time, otherise it needs no hurry.” One international students answered.

10th, October, the journalist walked into classroom A607 of Chengyi Building, being attracted by the scene in English course ‘The Management Communication” that the international students were taking,  couldn't help but sit down with students from all over the world together to taste managerial communication charm.

Through over 2 years construction, the foreign students English teaching courser system construction in HIT made a new prograss, Civil class, management class, materials and machinery four English teaching projects has been through the expert argumentation,the first round of teaching of English teaching projects such as Management, materials has been done, the argumentation for electric will be completed in the near future. Foreing students are from USA, France, Russia, Kenya, Pakistan and so on, The Asian, African, and European enrollment is in the majority, students resources instructure has been improved greatly, the number of international students is growing, incread from 23 in 2011 to 55 in 2012.

After listened ‘The Management Communication’ class, what the journalist mostly felt is “Wonderful”and “vivid” The atmosphere in class is free, relax and harmony, Zhang Li combines vivid Chinese situation with professional knowledge of management contained in it, by ways of in class discussion, free speech, team performance, teamwork and so on to have interative discussion with foreign students, some student’s English is not good, she use Chinese to tranlate and explain when necessary, helps the students to undertand the class as much as possible. The students get lost in the calss, smiling every now and then. 

“I like Zhang’s class, it differs from that in my own country, we spend most of our time in discussing the case.” An international students from Vietnam said so.

“The Management Communication” is only epitome of foreign students English teaching programs, the other froeign degree students English teaching classes are so wonderful the foreign students love it very much. “The teacher’s English is very good, and is full of humorous, plate writing is very careful, let us be very easy to understand. I am happy to study here, and I learned a lot.”one Algeria students said happliy after listening the school of materials “umerical analysis” class. 

On the opening ceremony of international mechanical graudates English teaching programs, an graduate from Pkistan Denis said that thanks HIT for providing them with full English teaching classes, let them be able to learn the profession in a comprehensive way and improve professional ability, in the meanwhile, to be able to understand the charm of Tracitional Chinese Culture intuitively.

The wonderful Foreign degree students English teaching course is closely related to the efforts in each disciplines. School of Business Management vice president Liang Dapeng introduced that since 2010 when the project started, School of Business Management made careful preparations, made fulll use of educatioin experience of Harard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and so on these first class universities, organized specialists and scholars to make plan for the project construction, invited well-known specialists and experts engaged in the same filed to make project argumentation for many times, confirmed the eduoffice. Now 13 courses have been set up, these courses uses original English or domestic first-class teaching materials, and were taught by teachers who have experience of study and overseas one year’s education, two of the 13 courses were taught by high level scholars of first class foreign universities. In order to let the students have a better understanding of China's national conditions and the Chinese management culture, the school opened thematic lesson “Asian project feasibility study”, the teahcers from a university in Iran taught before, it was welcomed by the foreign stdudents. The school would also send students to zhengda group and other enterprises fro intership, so as to improve their professional ability in actual management and deepen the understanding of China's national conditions.

The school also provide foreign students with convenience of services. School of Graduate provide Chinese English bilingual registration form, course selecting plan and so on other documents for students’ arrvial. The School of Graduate also translate teaching, management documents related to foreign students into English and collected them to make graduate student manual. School of Foreign Language set up open course of ‘Chinese Culture’ in particula to make the foreign students better understand traditional Chinese culture and experience Chinese profound Chinese culture and long history.









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