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I. Programs for International Students
Undergraduate Programs                                                              
Economics   International Economics and Trade   Business Management    Public Finance Banking Statistics HR Accounting   Marketing Agricultural and Forestry Economy Management Engineering Management Advertising   Public Utilities Management   Art Design   Computer Science and Technology   Information Management and System.
Master’s Programs                                                                  
Industrial Economics   Statistics   Management Science and Engineering   Accounting   MBA   Agricultural Economy Management   Economics    Regional Economics    International Trade   
Finance    HR   Tourism Management
Non-degree Programs                                                                
Long-term Chinese Language Study   Short –term Chinese Language Study
II. Tuition
Tuition (RMB Yuan/Year)
Start time
Master’s programs
Deadline of Application: June 15
Undergraduate Programs
16,000 –18,400
Long-term Chinese
Language Study
March, September
Short-term Chinese
Language Study
2 000/1 month
Any time, at least 15 students
1 400/2 weeks
III. Accommodation
      Each room is equipped with air-conditioner, private bathroom, telephone, wide-band access  
      (free-charging).There are also laundry and shared kitchen. Single Room: 50RMB Yuan per  
      day, Double Room: 25RMB Yuan per day.
IV. Living Facilities
      The University has computer centers, audio-video language laboratories, multi-media 
      classrooms, cable TV teaching systems, CD reading rooms and campus networks, There are
     dining rooms for international students and a kitchen for them to cook by themselves, Sports
      facilities such as basketball court, football field, swimming pool, ping-pang rooms and
      gymnasiums are available to all students.

Welcome to study at Henan University of Finance and Economics(河南财经学院)