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School of Mechanical Science & Engineering机械科学与工程学院
List of Subjects
1 Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation (Bachelor) Program: Machine Design & ...  Apply
2 Measurement Technology & Instrumentation (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Industrial Design (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Industrial Engineering (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Mechanical Manufacture and Automation (Master)   Apply
6 Mechatronic Engineering (Master)   Apply
7 Mechanical Design and Theory (Master)   Apply
8 Vehicle Engineering (Master)   Apply
9 Industrial Engineering (Master)   Apply
10 Precision Instruments and Machinery (Master)   Apply
11 Measurement Technology and Instrumentation (Master)   Apply
The School enjoys a high reputation in China, and is well-known abroad in the mechanic field. It has 309 staff and workers including 57 professors and 79 associate professors, of which 4 are academicians and 26 are PH.D supervisors. It offers 2 Bachelor's degree programs, i.e. Machine Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation, Industrial Design, 7 Master's degree programs, 4 Doctor's degree programs and 1 Post-Doctoral mobile station.
The SMSE has 302 master candidates, 151 doctoral candidates and 14 post-doctoral candidates. On an international level, the SMSE has an outstanding record in the fields of CIMS, Intelligent CAD, CAD/CAPP/CAM Integration, NC Technology, Engineering Information Technology, and Robotics. In Sept. 1999, the CIMS Center won the "University Lead Award" from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in the US.
The SMSE has 17 laboratories, including the National Education Ministry open laboratory on intelligent manufacturing technology. The FMS central Lab set up jointly with the Italian government and the pneumatic technology Lab, the numerical control Lab and the training center were founded in cooperation with FESTO and SIEMENS respectively. These laboratories have with over 450 microcomputers and working stations and a variety of equipment worth 25 millions Yuan.
The SMSE focuses on teaching. In the past years, it received 4 national teaching research projects. The SMSE has published more than 70 textbooks. Thirty of them were adopted nationwide and 19 of them got the National Excellent Textbooks Award. The SMSE has undertaken National Education Ministry projects on research innovation, Engineering Graphics and mechanical engineering personnel training and setting up teaching bases for fundamental courses.
65 faculty members of the SMSE went abroad for more than one year and 158 staff were engaged in short-term visits, attending conferences, or giving lectures. There are currently 40 teachers and students studying abroad for doctoral degrees or doing postdoctoral researches. More than 50 foreign scholars were already invited to give lectures.
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Fees( Yuan/person/year)
20,700 (3026USD)
27,300 (3991USD)
38,200 (5584USD)


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