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Accommodation & Transportation
Room Type
Single Room
RMB 30 /room per day
(Around US$ 3.7 per day)
Washing room, shower, air-conditioner, telephone, broadband network, furniture and bedclothes
Twin Room
RMB 50 /room per day
(Around US$ 6.1 per day)
Two Bed Rooms with Common Bathroom
RMB 60 /room per day
(Around US$ 7.3 per day)
1). All international students live in Friendship Apartments Building on campus.
2). Public facilities: kitchen, laundry, gym, dance hall, canteen
3). Living facilities: There is a dance hall in the Friendship Apartments Building with karaoke facilities for large-scale activities; There are open-air volleyball and basketball courts in the compound of the Friendship Apartments Building; There are restaurants nearby serving various tastes of food in addition to the East and West District Canteens for Chinese students, offering breakfast, lunch and supper; There are also different kinds of shops, supermarkets and free markets on campus.
How to get to HUST
If you start from Tianhe Airport, you can take the bus of the airport to the Fu Jiapo Station, then take the bus No. 702 or 703 and take off the Xin Wuxiong Station, you will get HUST.
If you start from Wuchang Railway Station or Fu Jiapo Bus Station, you can take the bus No. 518, 510, 901, 702, 703, and 593 and get off at the Station of Guanshan Kou or Xin Wuxiong, then you will get the gate of HUST.
If you start from Hankou Railway Station, you can take the bus No.536 and get off at Xin Wuxiong Station, then you can get HUST.

Welcome to study at Huazhong University of Science and Technology(华中科技大学)