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School of Economics经济学院
List of Subjects
1 Economics (Bachelor)   Apply
2 International Economics & Trade (Bachelor) Program: International Economics and ...  Apply
3 International Economics and Trade (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Finance (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Financial Engineering (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Theoretical Economics (Master)   Apply
7 World Economy (Master)   Apply
8 Applied Economics (Master)   Apply
9 Regional Economics (Master)   Apply
10 Western Economics (Master) Program: Western Economics (Master) ...  Apply
11 International Economics (Master) Program: International Economics ...  Apply
12 International Trade (Master) Program: International Trade (Master ...  Apply
13 Financial Economics (Master) Program: Financial Economics (Master ...  Apply
14 Finance (Master)   Apply
15 Finance(including Insurance) (Bachelor)   Apply
16 Industrial Economics (Master)   Apply
17 Labor Economics (Master)   Apply
18 Statistics (Master)   Apply
19 Quantitative Economics (Master)   Apply
20 International Trade   Apply
The School of Economics at HUST was founded in April 1994 as a result of an important initiative of the HUST to readjust the development of disciplines, whose former school was the School of Economics and Management (founded 1985), which was divided into two schools by 1994. The school has its origin in two departments and one institute: the Department of Economics, the Department of Quantitative Economics and the Institute of Economic Development Research (founded 1988). By 1998, it had two departments and two institutes: the Department of Economics, the department of Finance, the Institute of Economic Development Research, and the Institute of Quantitative Economics Research.
The School has a staff of over 70 members, including 14 professors (10 Ph. D supervisor), 18 associate professors and 25 lecturers. Most of the teaching staff under the age of 35, are either Ph.D or Master degree holders (accounting for 30%, 50% respectively).. It has 3 Bachelor's degree programs i.e. Economics, Finance and Banking, International Economics & Trade, 5 Master's degree programs (Western Economics, Quantitative Economics, International Trade, and Investment Economics) and 1 Ph. D program (Western Economics).
There are over 1000 students, of whom 200 are postgraduates, and 800 are undergraduates. The School provides rigorous training for an academic and professional career, enabling graduates to become leaders in economic research and education in their respective fields. In addition, the School makes a great effort to promote international academic exchange. Co-operation and exchange relations have been established with many universities and educational organizations in the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, Australia, etc.
Length of study
Undergraduate students: 4years
Postgraduate students: 2-3 years
Doctoral students: 3 years
Application time
For Degree applicants, the deadline for application is June 30 for autumn semester, December 30 for spring semester. Degree students shall arrive before August 31st for fall semester and before February 8th for spring semester.
Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s degree: the applicants should have senior high school diploma, academic records, health certificate and HSK5 certificate.
For Master’s degree: the applicants should have Bachelor’s degree, recommended by two associate professors or above, academic records, health certificate and HSK6 certificate.
For Doctoral degree:the applicants should have Master’s degree, academic records, recommended by two associate professors or above, health certificate and HSK6 certificate.
Tuition fees
Registration fee
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree
Doctoral degree

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