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Department of Philosophy 哲学系
List of Subjects
1 Religion (Master)   Apply
2 Philosophy of Science and Technology (Master/Doctor)   Apply
3 Marxism Philosophy (Master/Doctor)   Apply
4 Chinese Philosophy (Master)   Apply
5 Foreign Philosophy (Master)   Apply
6 Ethnics (Master)   Apply
The predecessor of the Department of Philosophy was the Institute of Philosophy which was set up in 1980. After more than 20 years’ development, the department has been a very active department with a high influence in philosophical field of China. There are more than 20 faculty members in the department. Among them, there are 6 professors, 3 of whom are doctoral supervisors and 7 associate professors.
It has one Bachelor’s specialty: Philosophy; one Doctoral specialty (Marxism Philosophy) and five Master’s specialties including Marxism Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Foreign Philosophy, Ethics & Philosophy of Science and Technology.
The department set up several institutes including the Base of Contemporary Philosophy Research, the Center of Cross Culture & Communication, the Center of Bioethics, the Institute of Existence Philosophy, the Institute of Value Philosophy and Wuhan Center of Process Studies.
Since its establishment, Department of Philosophy pays ever-present attention to the intercommunication with oversea schools and academic groups. In recent years, many famous experts and professors from different countries such as America, Russia, Canada, Japan, France, Australia, and Japan have been invited to visit the department, quite a few of whom become visiting professors. Meanwhile, many of the teachers have gone abroad to take part in various kinds of academic conferences.
Length of Study
Undergraduate program: 4 years
Postgraduate program: 2-3 years
Doctoral program: 3 years
Deadline of Application 
Fall Semester: June 30
Spring Semester: December 30
Requirement for Admission
The applicants must hold the equivalent degree diploma. Moreover they should prepare the HSK certificate, copy of passport, application form and other relevant documents and certificates.
Tuition Fees
Categories of courses
Application fee
Undergraduate programs
 RMB 500
 RMB 15700
Postgraduate programs
 RMB 500
 RMB 19100
Doctoral programs
 RMB 500
 RMB 25300

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