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School of Computer Science and Technology 计算机科学学院
List of Subjects
1 Information Security (Master/Doctor)   Apply
2 Computer Science & Technology (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Information Security (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Computer Software and Theory (Master/Doctor) Program: Computer Software and ...  Apply
5 Computer Systems Organization (Master/Doctor) Program: Computer Systems ...  Apply
6 Computer Applied Technology (Master/Doctor) Program: Computer Applied Technology ...  Apply
7 Railway to Mystery Tibet Being the holy land on the roof of ...  Apply
8 China Historic and Cultural Tour During this tour, you will visit ...  Apply
9 China Highlight& Yangtze River Cruise During this tour, you will visit ...  Apply
10 Golden China 10 days tour During this tour, you will visit ...  Apply
11 Yunan Eight Days Tour Yunnan Province is endlessly ...  Apply
12 Silk Road Tour The Silk Road tou have been ...  Apply
13 Colorful Yunnan, beautiful Guilin During this tour, you will visit ...  Apply
14 Zhangjiajie-Yuanjiajie-Phoenix Ancient City (5-day tour) Zhangjiajie is famous for its ...  Apply
15 Five Cities in Eastern China-Zhouzhuang (6-day tour) During this trip, travele will visit ...  Apply
16 Yantai-Penglai-Weihai-Qingdao (6-day tour) During this journey, travele will ...  Apply
17 Chengdu-Emei-Leshan (3-day tour) In this journey, travele will visit ...  Apply
18 The Spring of Kanas Lake (7-day tour) During this trip, travele will find ...  Apply
19 Oolong Mountain- Anger Palawan-Liye City-Dayongfu City (5-day tour) During this five days journey, ...  Apply
20 Guilin-Li River-Jinjiang Wangfu-Yangshuo (4-day tour) This is a classical route which ...  Apply
21 Xiamen-Wuyi Mountain-Fuzhou (5-day tour) Xiamen is situated in the southeast ...  Apply

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