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Universites’ 8 National “High-end Foreign Experts Project” Ranking first in Hubei Province


17, Sept. International Exchange office duly received the notice of 2012 year’s “High-end Foreign Experts Project” examination result from National Foreign Experts Bureau. The University accounted 8 of the approved 14 projects of Hubei provice colleges and Universites, total aid funds 1.14 million yuan,ranking the first.

It is reported, this eight foreign experts were from the United States, British France, Germany, Canada and Australia, they will be arriving in the second half of this year in HUST, doing projects research, students education and so on other work with professors in the University. They were brought in by professors from Electrical college, Chemistry College, Basic Medical College, Life Science college, Physical College and other colleges; their main research fileds are Mathematical,Chemical and Life Science.

2012 years “High-end Foreign Experts Project” is a high-level foreign experts introducing platform established by National Foreign Experts Bureau in order to faster construct high-level foreign expert talents team. The project cooperates with implement of “Thousands Foreign Experts Plan” to concentrate on faster constructing high-level foreign expert team

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