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The Hon. Amy Adams and Madame Tan Xiutian Attend the Opening Ceremony of the Confucius Classroom atLincolnHigh School


On 14 September, a Confucius Classroom atLinclonHigh Schoolin the South Island of New Zealand was officially opened by the Hon. Amy Adams, Minister for the Environment, Minister for Communications and Information Technology and Associate Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery and Mme Tan Xiutian, Consul General of the P R China inChristchurch. Other distinguished guests included Mr Wang Shenggang, Education Counselor from the Chinese Embassy inNew Zealand, Mr Li Yucai, Education Counselor from the Chinese Consulate General inChristchurch, Dr Nello Angerilli, Pro Vice Chancellor International and Prof Paul Fleming, Pro Vice-Chancellor Science from theUniversityofCanterbury, and Ms Adele King, Acting Executive Director of Asia NZ. Also present were Dr Adam Lam, Prof Hong Hu, Directors of the Confucius Institute at theUniversityofCanterbury, and Mrs Linda Tame, Principal of Lincoln High School.

The Hon. Adams pointed out in her speech thatChinawas fast developing. Being interested in expanding the further relationship withChina,New Zealandgovernment issued a strategic plan in the year of the dragon, Opening Doors toChina,New Zealand’s 2015 Vision. Last yearNew Zealand’s export toChinaincreased 34%.Chinawas the major source for international students and the fourth largest source for tourists inNew Zealand.New Zealandwas also keen on having scientific and technological exchanges withChina. She said, in the past, most of theNew Zealandstudents chose to learn French, German, Spanish or Russian. Now with the growth ofAsia, she hoped that more students would choose to learn Chinese.

Mme Tan highly praised the achievements made by CIUC in the last two years and also expressed her warm congratulations to the launch of the Confucius Classroom atLincolnHigh School. She pointed out that the Confucius Institute at theUniversityofCanterburyhad played a very important role in promoting Chinese language and culture in the South Island of New Zealand. In the last two years, the number of schools that offer Chinese as well as the enrollment in learning Chinese had greatly increased against a background of serious school roll drops. She hoped that with the establishment of the Confucius Classroom, CIUC could go on playing an important role in the ever-increasing communication and exchanges of economy and culture betweenChinaandNew Zealand.

Also at the opening, someLincolnstudents shared their experience of learning Chinese with the guests. The opening was commenced with the Maori welcome ritual and concluded with a sweet Chinese melody played the students.

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