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Fresh International Students Arrival Reception “Chinese Corner”On Chanel 6 of Wuhan TV


In hall of Friendship apartment fisr floor, over 50 Chinese-Foreign students is enjoying a so called “Big Clock” ice breaking game, Not being fluence in speaking Chinese, students from Pakistan, Fance, Ukraine and so on tried their best to communicate with local students. This is September 11 evening, the new foreign students Chinese Angle scene. 3 days later, Wuhan television channel 6 reported the Chinese Angle activities.

Due to the bad weather, the activity was hold in side the room, Chinese-Foreign students not only took participate in “Big Clock” ice breaking game, but also appreciated Chinese Calligraphy Show hold by University Calligraphy association. All the international students got Calligraphy works named with their nationality.

Two students from Ukraine and France expressed their love to “Chinese Corner” Liya even wish it can spread to every coner of Wuhan.

It is siad, Chinese Angle is SICA international exchange association regular activities, it is hold at Youyi Square on right 8 clock in the evening on every Tuesday. It have been held 92 time since 2007, every time the activity is foucused on Chinese Culture, such as Traditional Chinese wedding custom, seal engraving traditional folk games, etc

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