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Chinese and foreign students”Flash” to celebrate celebrate university 60th anniversary


Around 4 p.m. this afternoon, a wonderful “Flashmod” Performance in which Chinese and foreign students was held in front of the No.9 teaching building, this is a special gift for 60 anniversary

When the last classe bell was ringing, students poured out from the No.9 teaching building as usaully,“DJ music come……”, a awesome dynamic heavy metal music came out that made th e crowd took a sudden break, a boy with casquette began his street dance in front The statue of Confucius. His hip-hop modelling and cool dazzle dance moves attract people's attention. People stopped walking with a curious expression on their face:” We got a show today?”
Suddenly, two girls from the crowed joined the dance, 20 girls took of their coat and gathered together, started jazz dancing. They are dress in white T-shirt with red university annversary marks. Almost one minite, music stopped in a sudden, A large number of people from the crowed ditched colorful clothes, joined the team with their white T-shirts in side.  

“Hey, Hey,hey……”The cheerful Mexico Latin dance music sounded, 30 students danced, shouted “Heha” the same time, on their face we could see flags of their own nations. Our national students were also waving with National Flag marks posted on theiir face around the foreign students, attracted more and more people stooped for a watch. In the end, a red peach heart balloon rised up, two colour drawing appeared over the roof, read“Happy Birthday to HUST” 
As reported, the activity was jointly held by International education institute and international exchange association SICA. They called in students for a secret training on the beginning of April. They also made “One minite travel through HUST”and so on propaganda films

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