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Confucius Institute at Canterbury University held Mid-Autumn &China National Day Party


Confucius Institute at Canterbury University and CNFA jointly held Mid-Autumn &China National Day Party in a Chinese Restaurant at Christchurch. 

Ms. Tan Xiutian, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Christchurch City, Ms Nicky Wagner, Congressman of New Zealand, Eric Livingstone , Chairman of New Zealand SCFA, Vice Prisdent of Canterbury University, Ed Adelson, Chairman of the Confucius Institute Council and Christchurch City representatives from all sectors a total number of 150 attended the party.

The party started with wonderful performance by students from Department of Chinese Language. Annelise Posthuma, a third grade student from Department of Chiness Language brought Hulusi solo “The fern leaf Hedge Bamboo in the moonlight” to the guests, Song Shanshan, Postgraduate sung a piece of Chinese Opera called “Mu Guiying Takes Command”, Luke Bulger, second grade student sung Sichuan folk song “love song in Kangding”. Their excellent performance won the audience's applause.

Ms. Tan Xiutian, Ms. Wagner, and Mr. Eric Livingstone as well as Prof. Adelson delivered a speech on the Party. Ms. Tan Xiutian introduced the profound friendship between China and New Zealand and spoke higly of contribution that Mr. Rewi Alley has made to it. Vcie President Edson, Vice President Adelson on behalf of the Confucius Institute festive gave his greetings to the distinguished guests, and introduced achievements made by Confucius Institute at Canterbury University in promoting Chinese Language and Culture on South island of New Zealand.


The party reached climax when all the guests singing the national anthem of the People's Republic of China. The banquet also raised money for Kathleen Hall Memorial Scholarship of NCFA, which is armed at support a nurse from Gansu, China to get trained in Christchurch City, when the training is finished, he will return to work for local people in Gansu.

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