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New foreign students experienced the attractive city, Wuhan one-day trip






At eight thirty in the morning, the foreing students took a bus, starting their the trip through which they understand and feel Wuhan City. The first stop of the trip is the famous buddhist shrine-Guiyuan Temple, there, various buddhas let foreign students open their eyes, all of them sighed with emothion about broad and profound of long Chinese buddhism culture.

In full of antique lasting appeal filled Qing Chuan Ge, foreign students looked Yangtze River from a high place, talked about culture of river with Chinese students. Qifu water vat under Qing Chuan Ge attracted foreign students’ great interested, they all throw coins into the vat, praying their famliies well and happy in a way that Chinese People does. The foreign students also went to pedestrain street at Jianghan Road, Jiang Tan and so on other scenic spots

As it is reported that the activity is aimed at helping foreign students have better understanding of culture and custom of Wuhan, know more about scenic spots, and creat a good start for their future study and living in Wuhan.

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