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International students culture salon “We enjoy a happy life in China”


On 7th November, the culture salon “life in China” subject activity hosted by SICA was held, the international students of different colors and ancestry, gathered together, talking the same topics, they sit side by side together with Chinese partners, heartly talked, and enjoyed a warn night.

Xia Mei, a student from Turkey who has been in China for only two months, but on her way from the airport to HUST, she continuously recived stangers’ help. She said,” though some people don’t know English, they still gave continous signal ‘follow me’ to me. There always a smile on her face when she reminds experence of getting lost in Campus. Having experienced from fear to getting used to life here, Xia Mei said: ”I really miss my family, but I am willing to live China”

On that evening, international communication association invited prof. Braen from school of foreign language to talk about his 4-year life in HUSt. Braden said that living in China made him know modesty and grace. He used to think that he is winner, because he have comfortable life and stable job. While since he has been in China, language difference made him feel lonely, “Lucky me that I recived so much help when I was hlepless, it felt like I were happy as a baby does.

Braden also gave his personal experience in terns of how to slove internatinal students’ lonliness in China, he said , no matter where he is, he will take a small notebook, when meet something he cannot understand, he asks the speaker to say it again. “You also need to learn to be part of the people here, find interests in common and talk to them actively” Braden said this is a good way to solve your loneliness in foreign countries after reminding his experience on playground when he was a kid to makiing fridens with Chinese. 

“I will continuously encourage those international students around me not to be worry, not to be afraid of making mistakes, and to overcome fear.’ He has been always caring people around him, get use to thelifein China with them and find a happly life in China together.

Welcome to study at Huazhong University of Science and Technology(华中科技大学)