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Welcome to Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(湖南中医药大学)

        Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine officially founded in 1960,was developed from Hunan Chinese Medicine Specialization School established in 1934 and Hunan TCM Vocational School established in 1953. Now it’s a primarily teaching-oriented college concerning other areas in scientific research , medical service, school-leading industry , etc.   The University is located in Changsha , the capital of Hunan province ,a famous culture city. With an attractive environment and fine scenery,the campus covers an area of 2854mu(about 1,902,600 square meters).   The University consists of 3 parts: the old campus(north campus),the new campus(hanpu campus),and the six affiliated hospitals. The university is in control of 11 either colleges or institutes ,which are the College of Basic Science ,the College of Acupuncture and Massage , the College of combined Chinese and Western medicine, the College of  Pharmacy ,the First College of Clinical Medicine, the Second  College of  Clinical Medicine, the College of Culture, Information Technology..View more

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Welcome to study at Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medic..(湖南中医药大学)