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Welcome to Hebei University of Technology(河北工业大学)

As a key university in Hebei Province and also as one of the 100 key universities under the national "Project 211", Hebei University of Technology (HUT) is a multi-disciplinary university, with technology as its main focus, and science, economics, management, arts, and law developing in a well-balanced way. The present university grew out of the original institution, Beiyang Technological School, established in 1903. In its one hundred-year history, Hebei University of Technology experienced several changes in names: Hebei Provincial Technical Institute; Tianjin Institute of Technology; and Hebei Institute of Technology. In 1995 the new name of Hebei University of Technology was adopted.   With its main campus in Tianjin City and its branch school in Langfang City, the university now has the following seventeen schools: School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Management, School of Material Science, School of Civil Engineering, School of Architecture and Artistic Design, School of Energy and Environmental Science, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Information, School of Che..View more

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Welcome to study at Hebei University of Technology(河北工业大学)