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Over the years, the university has adhered to the right education orientations. It resorts to reform and looks to future development through coordinated improvement in scale, structure, quality and effectiveness. It devotes itself to fostering cross-disciplinary talents good with innovative spirit and practical skills. As a result, it is widely recognized for its good education standard. Students from the university have kept receiving honors in national and provincial general examinations as well as the national mathematical modeling contest and electronic design contest, testifying to their good master of basic knowledge and skills, creativity and overall quality. Graduates from the university are highly acclaimed and well received by employers and society. Also, the university is among the top few universities in Zhejiang in terms of successful employment rate and postgraduate program admission rate of graduates.
At present, the university is at its prime time of development. The staff and students, with concerted effort, shall carry forward the tradition of working hard in an effort to create a distinct and domestically noted university that combines teaching and research undertakings.
Schools, Departments and Specialties
Department (Division)
School of
Mechatronical Engineering
Dept. of Mechanics
Dept. of Environmental Engineering
Dept. of Industrial Design
Mechanical Design
Manufacturing & Automation
Automobile Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science
Industrial Design
School of Automation
Dept. of Automatic Control
Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Automation
Dept. of Instrument Science &Technology
Electrical Engineering & Automation
Measurement and Control Technology & Instrumentation
School of Finance & Economics
Dept. of Accounting
Dept. of Economics & International Trade
Dept. of Statistics & Finance
Financial Management
International Economics & Trade
School of Management
Dept. of Business Administration
Dept. of Management Science & Engineering
Business Administration
Information Management
& Information Systems
Human Resource Management
Logistic Management
School of Computer Science
Dept. of Computer Science & Technology
Computer Science & Technology
Internet Engineering
School of
Dept. of Software Engineering
Dept. of Internet & Modern
Educational Technology
Education Technology
Software Engineering
School of Electronics & Information
Dept. of Electronic Engineering
Dept. of Information Science
Electronics Information Engineering
Electronics Science & Technology
Electronics Information Science & Technology
Optical Information Science & Technology
Integrated Circuit and System Design
School of Telecommunication Engineering
Dept. of Telecommunication Engineering
Dept. of Information
Telecommunication Engineering
Computer Communication
Information Countermeasures Technology
Information Security
School of Sciences
Dept. of Applied Physics
Dept. of Information & Mathematical Sciences
Applied Physics
Information & Computing Science
Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
School of
Dept. of English
School of
Dept. of Culture & Communication
Dept. Law
Editing & Publishing Science
E. Master's Degree Programs
First-class Discipline
Second-class Discipline
 Applied Mathematics
 Mechanical Engineering
 Machinery Manufacture & Automation
 Mechatronical Engineering
 Mechanical Design & Theory
 Electronic Science &
 Circuits & Systems
 Microelectronics & Solid state
 Electromagnetic Field & Microwave
 Information &
 Telecommunication & Information System
 Signal & Information Processing
 Control Science &
 Control Theory & Engineering
 Detection Technology & Automation
 Pattern Recognition & Intelligent
 Computer Science &
 Computer Software & Theory
 Computer Application Technology
 Management Science &
 Management Science & Engineering
 Business Administration
 Business Administration

Fees & Tuition

Study Programs
Registration Fee(RMB)
Chinese Advanced Study
6,300 Yuan per term
Or 800 Yuan per week
400 Yuan per person
Advanced Certificate Study
8000 Yuan per term (I.8×8000 per term, if taught in English)
Bachelors Degree
Arts: 16,000 Yuan per academic year (I.8×16,000 per academic year, if taught in English)
800 Yuan per person
Science and  Engineering: 18,000 Yuan per academic year (I.8×18,000  per academic year, if taught in English)
Masters Degree
22,600 Yuan per academic year (I.8×226000  per academic year, if taught in English)
Short-term Study
50 Yuan per hour
   400 Yuan per person

  • Applicants who have not achieved the required Chinese language level can either take the Chinese language study Program before their major study or have extra Chinese Language Program during their major study.
    Tuition must be paid by the first week of each semester starts. It can not be refunded for a middle-term transfer or dropout without any special reasons.
  • Other expenditure including the expenditure of books, food, medical care, insurance, textbooks and travel expenses during the holiday are not included in the above fees.
    International students are required to purchase international medical insurance and accident insurance

How to Apply?
1. Application Qualifications:
· Physically healthy, aged from18 to 65, must obey the statutes of China and the rules and regulations of the university, with no criminal records.
·Undergraduates and Advanced Chinese Study: Graduates from senior middle schools or above.
·Postgraduate: Bachelor degree or above
·Specialty Visiting Students: Sophomore or above
Note: Specialty Visiting Students and Degree Study Students are required to study in Chinese. The one who never studied Chinese or his/her Chinese level does not meet the needs of the specialty should study one or two years’ Chinese before starting the specialty study. The students who pass the Chinese language examination may continue their study in related specialty program.
2. Application Documents
·HDU International Students Application Form (
Download Here)
·Degree/Deploma/Certificate and Transcript in English
·HSK Certificate (if have) 
·Copy of passport
·The Chinese visa and the record of the latest entry and departure of China
·Foreigner Physical Examination Form, which should be approved by Chinese Embassy or Consulate.
·4 pictures of the same size as in the passport
·Others as required
3. Visa Application
All the qualified applicants can apply for a visa in local Chinese Embassy with the Admission Notice and JW202 form sent by HDU. If you plan to stay in China for more than 6 months, please apply for an X visa (student visa), if less than 6 months, please apply for an F visa (visitor visa).
4. Application Time
·Spring Semester:                     February to July                      Deadline of Application: January 15th
·Autumn Semester:                   September to January          Deadline of Application: July 15th
·For short-term Chinese study program, no time limit of application.
5. Enrollment Time:
·Spring Semester:In the middle of February
·Autumn Semester: September

Welcome to study at Hangzhou Dianzi University(杭州电子科技大学)