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College of Mechanical & Vehicle Engineering机械与运载工程学院
List of Subjects
1 Thermal Energy and Power Engineering (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Machine Design &Manufacturing and Their Automation (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Industrial Engineering (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Car Engineering (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Mechanical Engineering (Master)   Apply
6 Power Engineering & Engineering Heat Treatment (Master)   Apply
7 Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor)   Apply
College of Mechanical & Vehicle Engineering is one of the oldest colleges of Hunan University. It is formally named into College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering in July, 2008. Currently, there are 180 faculty members including 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 guest professors, 37 supervisors of doctoral candidates, 47 professors and 48 associate professors. Now, there are more than 2500 students including over 800 master students and 1700 bachelor students.
There are two departments in this college including Department of Mechanical & Vehicle and Department of Mechanical Engineering. They offer 5 Bachelor’s programs (Car Engineering, Mechanical Manufacture & the Automation, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Electronic Information Science & Technology, Industrial Engineering); 6 Master’s programs including Mechanical Manufacture & the Automation, Car Engineering, Thermal Energy Engineering, Mechanical Design & Theory, Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Power Machinery and Engineering; 4 doctoral programs including Mechanical Manufacture & the Automation, Car Engineering, Mechanical Design & Theory, Mechanical & Electronic Engineering.
In the past few years, more than 150 scientific and technical achievements have been identified, and most applied to industries. All national, provincial and ministerial prizes add up to 20. On average, the school takes on over 40 research programs and has more than 5 academic works published and 150 research papers a year.
Since its establishment, the college has sent a number of advanced professional talents. In recent years, the employment rate is always above 98%. Most of the graduates are employed by the pillar industries of manufacture and information in national economy. They work on the manufacturing, research, teaching and management and they have gained the praises of the enterprises and society.
Length of study
Undergraduate program: 4 years
Postgraduate program: 2-4 years
Doctoral program: 4-6 years
Application time
The students must apply before July.
Entry requirements
The students applying for Bachelor’s degree should prepare photocopy of passport, high school diploma & marks transcript, letters of recommendation, HSK 4 certificate.
For the students applying for Master’s degree, they should prepare undergraduate diploma & marks transcript, letters of recommendation from two professors, HSK 4 certificate and other relevant documents.
For the doctoral candidates, they should particularly prepare one or two academic papers.
Tuition Fees
Categories of courses
Application fee
Undergraduate programs
RMB 400
RMB 17,000
Postgraduate programs
RMB 400
RMB 21,000
Doctoral programs
RMB 400
RMB 26,000

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