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Hunan University increases and sets up 4 new post-doctoral scientifc research stations


Recently, national 8th batch of post-doctoral scientifc research stations decalaration ended, Hunan University set up and increased Maxist theory, foreign language and literature, theoretical economics, statistic 4 post-doctoral scientifc research stations, confirmed applied economics and Chinese history 2post-doctoral research stations. So far, Hunan University’s post-doctoral research stations increased from original 17 to 21, coveres 84% of Hunan University’s doctrate anthorization First-Level discipline.

When the declaration began, University general leader personally arranged and organized to convene declaration conference of research station establishment, university HR department, colleges and relevant disciplines coooperated closely, thus laying solid foundation for sucessfully completing the work of new stations establishment. The found of this batch of stations fully reflects Hunan University first level discipline’s research strength and academic standard, it plays a significant role of impulse in Huan University team building, advance talent cultivation and deep development of produce-learn-research collabration. The post-doctoral stations increased this time and Humanities and social subject areas got improved, promoted balanced development of Huan university post-doctoral work in all disciplines, with the perfection of Hunan University’s post-doctoral discipline layout, the university development will get powerful discipline platform support.

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