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Huan University’s 6 Huan province social sciences research bases were verified excellent.


Rencently, Hunan province social sciences planing office announced supervision work result of 2012 year province social science research base construction, Huan province the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics system research base, Hunan incorrupt government research base, Hunan province credit research base, Hunan province international trade research base, The soft power of Chinese culture research base, Culture of Huan province research base were verified to be excellent, Hunan province “Two-Oriented Society” research base, Hunan province culture industry research base, Hunan province language and perceiving research base were verified good.

This supervison adopts methods of combination of responsible person’s report, experts comments and gave marks one program after another and expert group comprehensive evaluation, divide the construction and development of the base from second half of year 2010 to April 2012 into 5 big parts and 25 small parts,then made an assessment on it in respects of level of scientific research, talent education, academic exchange, consultation service and management and innovation and so on.

Over the years, the university made every effort in humanities & social sciences development, constructed a bathch of provincial social sciences research base which possesses characteristics of academic, application and region through taking the base as platform, projects as grasp, activity as a link, talents as key, innovation as the drive, and devotion as the guarantee. In addition, the University’s two colleges and universities in Hunan province key research base of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Hunan economic and social development legal research center and Hunan risk-oriented audit research base successfully went through examination organized by ministry of education in 2011; This year, Chinese village culture of Hunan University has been approved to be provincial research base, so far there are 12  provincial social sciences research bases.    

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