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Tan Weihong won American Chemical Society Florida achievement award.


Prof. Tan Weihong, Chemical biology sensing and metrology of national key laboratory director, one who was selected in national thousand people plan, Hunan University school of biology president, got American Chemical Society Florida achievement award few days ago. Since 1952 when the award was set up, scholars who makes contribution to Chemistry teaching, research or publishment and other fileds will be selected every year so as to honor the achievements they have made in chemical advanced research field  

Germany “Applied Chemistry” Magazine published the news in its offical article. Prof. Tan Weihong and then research team carried out various pioneering and interdisciplinary research in Analyse Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Molecular Engineering, Nanotechnology and Biomedical Engineering fields, achieved internationally recognized research results: Long-term commitment to the nucleic acid adapter body and biomedical application research, made a great achievement in basic theory research and technical development. put forward and developed “FloDot” fluorescent nanoparticles which is used for nano-biology research; developed a new way to synthetize light magnetic multifunctional nano particle; developed hypersensitive analytical method which can detect the single pathogenic bacteria from food and made bacteria detection model machine, promoted the application of nano-materials in Analysed Chemical and Biomedicine. Put forward to use nucleic acid bases on the basic molecular engineering to compose a series of new type of nucleic acid molecule probe; developed colorimetric imaging method, put forward the lock sugar ring nucleic acid modified new ideas, invented the fluorescence super quenching agent, through introducing the fluorescent amplification polymer into molecular probe which is in cell imaging, relised detect multiple genes in single cell at the same time. Put forward and composed DNA single molecular engine with the structure of the hairpin, achieved transformation of chemical energy and mechanical energy in single molecular for the first time. Through the embedded photosensitivity azo benzene component realized the single DNA molecular motors controlled by reversible conversion operations, turned the opticalenergy into mechanical force efficiently, provide a new train of thought for the use of opticalenergy; the research team made pioneering achievement in nano photonics field and Ppromote the nano photonics biomedical application and development 

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