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School of Chinese Language and Literature held 10th anniversary celebration


On the evening of 20th, October, the school auditorium was full of people, School of Chinese Language and Literature held 10th anniversary celebration, the school Party secretary Liu Keli, deputy secretary Tang Yayang attended the celebration. On the party, Secretary Liu Keli expressed his congratulations to School of literature’s 10th anniversary of rebuilt and best wishes to its future development. Principal Zhao Yueyu sent congratulatory telegram putting forward best wishes of“Making further process”  

The party started with lively dance “shake the youth”, it contained “Recalling the past, “Seeing now”, “Praising the future” three chapters, the programs are colorful and wonderful. The dance “X element” with accompaniment of coloratura soprano and combination of classical and modern elements made the audience realized the beauty and smart of the literary art; Tibet song and dance “Lucky Ballad” made national unity and harmonious desire perfused on stage; the song “My home town is Beijing” that teacher Huang Rong sung showed School of Litberal teachers’ versatility; the humor crosstalk “College of Liberal Arts Monstrous” made college students’ study and life presented to audience. The final program “ ten years dream drawing” ideally combined poetry reading with chorus,  the deep and atmosphere poetry reading together with 40 girls chorus moved whole audience.

At the end of the party, the Party secretary Liu Zaihua indicated that the students acted such a wonderful party in a short time made him felt appreciated and proud; wisdom exists among the students, the School of Liberal Art is on a new stage now. “Inheriting Human culture, carrying forward Chinese Literature, the party is the most powerful proof”

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